Anonymous inquired what foods were the hardest for you to give up?

Rather than a specific food, snacking all the time in general was the hardest!

But, if I had to pick, bagels and pasta! I limit myself to one bagel a week because it is such an addictive food for me!! And it is the most looked forward to breakfast of the week :)

Making a fitness board for new motivation!

Finally home for Holiday Break! First term at school is now over - I took 20 credits and got straight A’s. maintaining my 3.8! School has been such a weight on me lately and so time consuming. I’ve been maintaining my weight, but not losing like I want to be. Next term, I set up my schedule so that I can start kicking ass again :) I can’t wait to have a breather and really focus on me - me and the important things. My other goals.

I’ve been casually seeing someone from school, and he’s looking to get back into serious shape, too! We’re starting now that we’re home. We both said we would surprise each other by the end of the 3 week break :) And then even more when we get back to school! It’s nice to have that little motivation :) We are each other’s rewards! 

I hope everyone takes some time for “me” work sometime soon - it’s easy to get caught up in life and lose your head a little bit. Don’t forget about your happiness!